The Power Up and Charging Energy VFX

Hey by the way! Do you want yo follow my daily VFX work? ¡Nice! ;)
Hi there! Looking for Power Up and some Energy VFX? :)
Here you will find a nice and good variety of Power Up, Charging Energy VFX like DBZ I think :D
I made this Asset in Standard Render Pipeline. So the VFX works like de video promo.
But ALSO, I added a folder called "URP unitypackage". This is the same project, with the same VFX's but made in URP (Universal Render Pipeline).

I made:
- 7 different styles of Power Up VFX!

- Each VFX have a 'no loop' and 'infinite' version.

- So that's 14 Prefabs.

- The VFX are made completely with Unity's Particle System and basic Unity shaders. No custom ones.

¡ENJOY! ;)
And don't forget, ¡ANYTHING! you need or a new idea that you need, just contact me :)

Video Promo

* UPDATE 2.0: As I said, I updated the Asset and added a .unityPackage file in the "URP unitypackage" folder, that work's in URP - Universal Render Pipeline. In this version I added a HDRGlow Shader for some particles.

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The PowerUp and Charging Energy
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