My First Code

A short video and the code I did in Visual Code.

Well, as I wrote in the title, this is my first code. I just finished a Unity Learn course named "The Junior Programmer Path", and the last test was about a Cube. So, in this last task, I did a research in forums and Youtube to understand better how to write what I wanted. It was very cool. Sometimes I thinked the code just like if I was doing a Shader with the Shadergraph nodes.
It's still difficult to me, but this is just the beggining.
Here you can see how with a SIN function I updated the Size of the cube, and also the position. I use a lerp to change the color "over lifetime", and some other stuff.
I love doing VFX, 3D or 2D, and aldo I love to draw frame by frame animations, BUT it will be a pretty good skill if I learn C#.
Baby steps.