Portal idea!

Video promo VFX

I never used Amplify Shader to do these kinds of trails. To be honest only on those particles I spent like 2h: 30m doing them hahaha. But I love the result. At least FOR ME 😅😂. It's great to do and study Amplify Shader at the same time ;D

The final VFX (I think)

This is a new idea for a Teletransportation/Portal VFX. It was pretty cool to do it because I did different things. The smoke sprite I did it in Photoshop. mixing whites I made the "rune" in Photoshop, with the Simetrical tool. It's a very cool tool!

This is a new Idea made with Lightnings!

Particulas, Shaders y Texturas :)

Particulas, Shaders y Texturas :)

I'm working on a VFX Ideas!
I'm working on Standard Render Pipeline and it's my first time using Amplify Shader Editor for a Pack. Looks nice, but it's still a little difficult to me to understand the nodes :)