2D Explosions

Final phase in Adobe Animate. The first rough phase was in Procreate.

Hey guys! This is the first of a series of frame by frame explosion VFX, I usually draw some fire bursts and smokes, but the last few months I've been focused to understand the cycles. So I've been drawing fire cycles and smokes cycles. An infinite loop. An now is turn to learn how to draw some explosions. This is the first of a serie of Explosions VFX. As always, I start using Procreate, and then I pass the "line art" or "clean" phase to Adobe Anime. There I train the coloring part, and the FX's like Glow or Blur. The most "complex" part it's the Masks.
in this case I followed an old Alex Redfish class commented by Jason Keyser. There he explain a little bit about how Alex try not just to color the shapes, and how "he think in 3D". Using the color to create depth. I've seen that videos like 10 times and I don´t get bored.
I will draw 9 more explosions and then I will going to test them in Unity and Unreal as spritesheets.